Gifted Assistant Management Services

provides social media marketing services and day to day administrative assistance to entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits. Partnering with us gives you more time to focus on what you do best-run your business!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

With today’s technology, a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a creative and economical answer to your business needs. A Virtual Assistant (VA), offers a range of administrative services and is trained in the use of the internet and various software products, which means they can work for you from anywhere. If your small business is like most, you operate with a very limited staff and often find yourself trying to balance daily operations management with behind-the-scenes administrative tasks. You don’t have the staffing resources or personal expertise to handle everything that goes into running a successful business, you are forced to take time away from your customers to handle administrative work.

A VA may be a great option of you!

What is a Social Media Marketing Consultant?

Over the past couple of years, social media has gone from something you used to keep in touch with family and friends, to one of the fastest growing marketing tools for small businesses to large corporations. Social media giants like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are a great way to spread the news about products and services to a vast amount of people in just minutes (even seconds!) with just a click of a button.

If you are a business owner just starting out in social media marketing or looking for some advice on how to optimize the use of your current social media channels, I am here to help you find the best ways to use social media that will best fit you and your business objectives.

I can help you:

  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Assist with setting up social network profiles
  • Set up and manage online tracking systems
  • Internet Research
  • Manage e-newsletters and e-marketing campaigns
  • Create online reputation management reports

and much more!

Please visit my services page for more service and package information.

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