Be Bold and Brave in 2012

Be Bold and Brave in 2012

On New Years Eve night, I was riding home from dinner with my husband and two kids. My husband asked my 2 year old son what he wanted to accomplish in the new year. Now, I know that may sound strange to ask a young child, but my son is no ordinary two year old. We also want to encourage our children early to have goals.

In fact, what he said was the reason for this post. My son said, “Dad-I am going to be Bold and Brave.”. You can imagine the shock on our faces. When he said this, I knew that it was based mostly on his love for Batman and the bold and brave series. But for some reason, it hit my husband and I as an Aha moment. We got home and decided that this would be our theme for 2012. Whatever we wanted to accomplish for our family, careers and our businesses, we would be bold and brave as we pursued it.

So, as we move into another year, I would like to encourage you to also be bold and brave. The possibilities are endless for you in 2012!

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