5 Questions to Help You Determine the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

When small business owners or entrepreneurs contact me with questions on how to make their online presence grow using social media, I usually encounter these two scenarios. … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing: It Starts With a Plan

So, you have decided that you want to use social media to promote your brand, products and services. Looking around it seems like many of your competitors and peers have jumped in and are doing pretty good. But you don't want to be just good; you want your time and effort to yield GREAT results. What makes the difference in doing good or great? - A well thought out strategy and action plan. To help you put your plan together, here are 5 key areas you need to address: … [Read more...]

Linkedin:The Overlooked Social Network

We hear a lot about Facebook and Twitter being the two most used social networking sites for personal and business use. However, Linkedin should not be overlooked as a great opportunity to connect and network as well. Linkedin is reported to be the world's largest professional network with over 90 million members around the world and growing daily. Linkedin is known to be widely used by professionals looking to expand their professional networks, change careers or connect with other … [Read more...]

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